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Frequently asked questions

I think I found a bug

Don't worry. Just send an email to
or message us at twitter @deskhot or @vangelisb and we'll take care of it.

Who is behind deskhot ?

Deskhot is created and operated by web developer Vangelis Bibakis. I'm located on a Greek island, but travel frequently.

Why did I create deskhot ?

I needed a homepage with links I visit frequently. Also I needed a way to store websites for reference. Technical documents, manuals or just websites with amazing design. All the solutions online, were (and still are) slow and full of useless features I'd never use.

So I started working on some very early (and very ugly) builds of deskhot. I showed it to some friends and they loved it. At this point I knew I had to get it out there, and boy look at it now :)