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Saving websites on deskhot takes only a click! That's right, fire and forget.

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Instant search makes finding bookmarks a snap. Oh, and pages in deskhot load in just a couple of seconds.

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Import your bookmarks from delicious or your browser in less than two minutes.

People love deskhot

Deskhot is the best tool of it's kind I've seen so far.

Nikitas Georgopoulos, founder E-mailit.com

A really practical way to ensure all your favorite sites will be accessible from wherever you are.


Deskhot is already a home for over 120,000 bookmarks.
And here is why

Instant search
So you can find everything right away
Easy saving
Use the saving buttons on any browser to save bookmarks in a snap.
Amazing support
Via twitter or email, we'll be happy to answer your questions
Make your personal homepage with your favorite bookmarks